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About the Conference

The Europt(r)ode is one of the leading worldwide conference for the presentation of innovations in chemical e biochemical optical sensing, showing both cutting-edge integration concepts and key emerging trends in a highly multi-disciplinary atmosphere. Since 1992, the EUROPT(R)ODE conference attracts scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industry from all over the world on all aspects related to the research, development and applications of optical chemical sensors and biosensors


EUROPT(R)ODE 2018 is organised by





- Abstract Submission is open



Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research


 Plenary Speakers

Alberto Diaspro 

Linear and Non-Linear
Optical Nanoscopy
Maarten Merkx

Engineering bioluminescet
 sensors proteins

Igor Medintz 

Developing optical
cellular sensors with
quantum dots 

Sang-Hyun Oh

Nanoplasmonic sensing

Itamar Willner

Optical Sensing with Nucleic cid/Nanoparticles Conjugates and DNA Machines


Sponsors and Exhibitors

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